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A Hidden Lodge: Breathtaking Nature Abounds


Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Grainau, Germany, we embarked on an enchanting adventure during our recent stay at a cozy and private renovated lodge. With its idyllic charm and an array of modern amenities, its two apartments proved to be the perfect base for our exploration of the surrounding area. Join us as we recount the memorable experiences we had over the course of a week at the Alpenlodge and Jägerlodge holiday apartments, while discovering the wonders of Grainau and its neighboring towns.

The Cozy Retreat

Both of our homey lodge apartments provided a warm and welcoming atmosphere, enveloping us in a cocoon of comfort from the moment we stepped inside. The renovated lodge boasted tastefully designed interiors, exuding a cozy ambiance that made us feel right at home. Equipped with all the essential amenities, including a well-equipped kitchen and comfortable living spaces, the lodge ensured our every need was met.

As if that wasn't enough, the delightful outdoor areas were the perfect addition, especially for the kids! From the private yard to the covered outdoor dining area, deck, and patio, we reveled in the opportunity to soak up the serene surroundings while enjoying our morning coffee or evening conversations. Oh, and the beautiful sounds of nature were endless as well, from the stream that ran right in front of the house, to the bells of the local church tower, to the dozen or so cows that visited us every day, it all added to the serene setting.

Conquering the Top of Germany: The Zugspitze

One of the highlights of our Grainau escapade was ascending the majestic Zugspitze, Germany's highest peak. We opted for an affordable and convenient train ride to the summit, which we were able to hop on right in downtown Grainau! The scenic ride to the summit (which is a pretty steep climb, and even goes through a tunnel) left us marveling at the awe-inspiring vistas along the way. Upon reaching the summit, we felt like we were on top of the world, surrounded by panoramic views of snow-capped peaks and vast expanses of greenery. We were lucky enough to have perfect weather at the summit, warm enough to ditch our winter coats, but still cool enough to find patches of snow for some snowballs! To add an extra thrill to our descent, we embarked on an unforgettable gondola ride, relishing in the exhilarating sensation of gliding down the mountain while savoring the breathtaking scenery. Quick tip: You can buy a single ticket which will take you up and down the mountain using either the train or gondola, or both!

Paddleboarding on Eibsee:

Seeking a refreshing water-based adventure, our apartment was literally only minutes away from the enchanting Lake Eibsee. Renting a couple stand-up paddleboards, we embarked on an invigorating journey across the crystal-clear waters of this picturesque alpine lake. The tranquil surroundings and stunning mountain backdrop made for an idyllic paddleboarding experience. As we navigated the calm waters, we couldn't help but be captivated by the beauty that surrounded us, immersing ourselves in the serenity of nature.

Hike to the Panoramic Höllbrücke Bridge

Our hike along the Leutasch Gorge (Leutascher Ache) to the Höllbrücke, just outside of Mittenwald, was a truly unique addition to our adventure. We were surrounded by the captivating beauty of the Bavarian Alps as we followed the platform high above the river. The river's water was a vibrant shade of blue-green, adding to the enchanting ambiance. We always reflect on the amazing engineering and connecting power of bridges, and the Hollbrucke was no different - the gorge trail wouldn't have been possible without it. This unforgettable journey left us in awe of the raw power and tranquility of the river and the gorge it shaped over thousands of years, making it an extraordinary adventure to cherish forever.

Exploring Garmisch-Partenkirchen

No trip to Grainau would be complete without venturing into the neighboring town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Here, we wandered through the charming Old Town area, delighting in the traditional Bavarian architecture and vibrant atmosphere. The streets were lined with quaint shops, inviting us to browse local crafts and souvenirs. When hunger struck, we indulged in the culinary delights offered by the town's restaurants, a particular favorite of ours was The Flying Fish, a poke-bowl eatery right in the middle of downtown on Ludwigstraße!


Our Caring Host Manuela

And you know what made our retreat even more special? Our caring and gracious host, Manuela! She truly went above and beyond to make our stay unforgettable. Despite her busy schedule, she took the time to sit down with us and share specific recommendations for the area. She shared detailed maps and pointers on the best places to explore and dine, hidden gems that we would've otherwise missed. Thanks to her, we discovered some breathtaking and delicious spots that weren't on the typical tourist radar. Her warm hospitality and thoughtful guidance added an extra layer of magic to the whole experience. We're forever grateful for the kindness she showed us, and it's safe to say, this trip wouldn't have been the same without her heartfelt guidance!


Our weeklong stay in Grainau, Germany, split between both Alpenlodge and Jägerlodge holiday apartments, provided us with an unforgettable experience, combining the comforts of home with the allure of a captivating alpine setting. From the cozy and private renovated lodge to the breathtaking outdoor spaces, every aspect of our accommodation was designed to ensure our stay was nothing short of exceptional. Our adventures, including ascending Zugspitze, paddleboarding on Eibsee, and exploring the vibrant downtown of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, filled our days with wonder and excitement. Grainau proved to be a hidden gem, offering a delightful blend of natural beauty, cultural experiences, and warm hospitality. If you're seeking a memorable escape to the heart of the German Alps, Grainau should undoubtedly be on your travel itinerary!!


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