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A Hidden Prague Gem: Unmatched Luxury at a Loft Airbnb


Prepare to be captivated by the allure of Prague, a city brimming with rich history and enchanting beauty. During our recent getaway, we were fortunate enough to discover a hidden gem - a luxurious loft Airbnb that not only provided unparalleled comfort but also offered a prime location to immerse ourselves in the vibrant culture and exciting activities that Prague has to offer. Join us as we unveil the secrets of our extraordinary 4BR Old Town Loft Luxe Brickhouse and the remarkable experiences that await just beyond its doorstep.

A Space of Distinction

After walking up 115 distinctively old steps to the top floor (we opted for some exercise instead of the elevator), we finally opened the door to a sophisticated and refined getaway. The loft's contemporary and industrial design elements seamlessly blended with the historic charm of Prague, creating a space that exuded character. Luxurious furnishings, tasteful accents, artistic touches, and a harmonious blend of wood, stone, and steel construction all elevated the ambiance, making it an ideal retreat after a day of exploration... not to mention, the apartment had everything we could have possibly needed to feel right at home!

Panoramic Vistas

One of the loft's most captivating features was its breathtaking panoramic views. From virtually every room in the penthouse, we were treated to sweeping vistas of Prague's architectural marvels. With the Prašná brána gate nearby, Prague Castle in the distance, and numerous other church spires proudly adorning the horizon, each moment spent gazing out our windows was a picture-perfect postcard come to life. Each afternoon we were also treated to relaxing piano music echoing in the courtyard below.

Central Haven, Endless Adventures

Nestled in a prime location in the Prague 1 neighborhood, the loft served as our gateway to the city's vibrant energy. Stepping outside, we found ourselves immersed in the charming streets of Prague's historic district. We wandered along the cobblestone pathways exploring boutiques, candy shops filled with trains of candy (yes, trains!), and countless cafes that celebrated the city's rich cultural heritage. From the bustling Old Town Square to the enchanting Lesser Town, Prague's iconic attractions were mere footsteps away. Seriously - immersing ourselves in Prague's cultural tapestry was an effortless joy from our loft's central location, where we explored numerous awe-inspiring landmarks, such as the majestic Charles Bridge and the marvel of the Old Town Hall's Astronomical Clock.

Culinary Delights and Bohemian Indulgence

Prague's culinary scene is an adventure in itself, and our loft's proximity to an array of exceptional dining options made it an epicurean's dream come true. We savored traditional Czech cuisine at charming local taverns, and delectable sushi at the charming Sushi Oishi. Right around the corner at Public Chili, we were blown away by just about every taste imaginable in its diverse menu - a must-do if you are nearby!

Around every corner, every meal was a sensory delight, an invitation to savor the rich flavors - and even raise a glass of world-famous Pilsner Urquell at its historical brewery. We personally loved the flare and the food at Café Chloé, literally a 2-minute walk away from our home, and a perfect spot for breakfast.

Café Chloé is over-the-top with flavor - oh, and color!


Our stay at the unforgettable 4BR Old Town Loft Luxe Brickhouse in Prague was an experience that surpassed all expectations. The luxurious comfort, panoramic views, and unbeatable location allowed us to uncover the true essence of this enchanting city. From its rich history to its vibrant culture and delectable cuisine, Prague's wonders unfolded effortlessly from the doorstep of our stay. If you're seeking an unforgettable escape that blends opulence, location, and a vibrant tapestry of experiences, we wholeheartedly recommend immersing yourself in the magic of this Airbnb stay - it's a hidden gem that will leave an indelible mark on your Prague adventure.


Wait, what, a discount?!

Our hosts were kind enough to allow us to an extend a discount to our community, so be sure to check out the deal here before you book!


Why an Airbnb, anyway?!

If you’d like to read more about why we love Airbnb’s so much, be sure to check out this post!


Some Other Extras

Here are some extra ideas if you're planning a trip and would like some tips and alterative destinations to make your stay a memorable one!

Explore Prague Castle: Visit the iconic Prague Castle, the largest ancient castle complex in the world. Don't miss the stunning St. Vitus Cathedral and enjoy panoramic views of the city.

Wander through Old Town Square: Immerse yourself in the historic heart of Prague by strolling through the charming Old Town Square. Admire the famous Astronomical Clock and soak up the atmosphere of the surrounding medieval architecture.

Cross Charles Bridge: Take a walk across the picturesque Charles Bridge, adorned with statues and offering beautiful views of the Vltava River. It's a must-visit spot with a lively atmosphere.

Enjoy Some Czech Cuisine: Indulge in traditional Czech cuisine by trying dishes like goulash, trdelník (a sweet pastry), or hearty Czech dumplings. Don't forget to pair your meal with a glass of Czech beer.

Escape to Prague's Parks and Gardens: Take a break from the bustling city and relax in one of Prague's beautiful parks. Letná Park and Petřín Hill offer scenic views, while Vrtba Garden and Wallenstein Garden provide peaceful retreats.

Enjoy Prague's Music Scene: Prague has a vibrant music scene. Attend a classical concert in one of the historic concert halls or enjoy live jazz in one of the cozy clubs scattered throughout the city.


A Handful of Insider Tips

Here are some insider tips that may also serve to enhance your trip, especially if you come during high vacation season!

Use ParkingCard: Parking in Prague can be daunting if you're not familiar with the rules and signage! Our host told us about, which allows you to pay for parking online, and park in many of the blue and purple parking zones that are otherwise meant for residential permits throughout the numerous Prague neighborhoods.

Visit Early Morning or Late Evening: To avoid crowds, consider exploring popular tourist sites like Prague Castle and Charles Bridge early in the morning or late in the evening. You'll have a chance to enjoy the beauty of these attractions with fewer people around.

Use Public Transportation: Prague has an efficient and affordable public transportation system, including trams, buses, and the metro. Consider purchasing a travel pass or ticket to easily navigate the city and save time on walking long distances.

Try Local Food Markets: Visit farmers' markets such as Náplavka to experience local Czech produce, snacks, and delicacies. It's a great opportunity to taste fresh and authentic Czech food while supporting local vendors.

Learn a Few Czech Phrases

While English is widely spoken in tourist areas, locals appreciate when visitors make an effort to learn a few basic Czech phrases like "dobrý den" (hello), "prosím" (please), and "děkuji" (thank you). It can enhance your interactions and show respect for the local culture!



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