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Luxury Farmhouse: Our Unforgettable Austrian Chalet


Welcome to our journey through the picturesque countryside of Heimschuh, Austria, where we discovered a hidden gem - a secluded 3BR chalet that left us mesmerized. Join us as we recount our delightful Airbnb stay, where modern farmhouse style, serene surroundings, and proximity to Leibnitz and Graz created an unforgettable experience - oh, and our gracious host, Marie, who made our stay truly memorable!

Elegance Meets Farmhouse

Upon stepping into our Airbnb, we were immediately captivated by its beautifully renovated modern farmhouse style. The seamless blend of rustic charm and contemporary comforts welcomed us with open arms. From exposed wooden beams to whitewashed walls, every detail exuded warmth and coziness. The interior design provided the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality, allowing us to relax and unwind in style.

A Functional Home Away from Home

The chalet's thoughtful design catered to our every need. The living area, with its comfortable sofas and inviting fireplace, served as the heart of the home. It was our place to gather, play some family games, and enjoy each other's company. Large windows offered breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside, immersing us in nature's beauty.

The kitchen had every imaginable modern appliances, including a wine fridge, induction stovetop, and Nespresso machine and even a milk frother! As we always do, we prepared many meals together, and then our choice of dining inside at the charming dining table or outdoors on the stone patio.

Its two modern and elegant bathrooms were a true indulgence, featuring sleek fixtures, luxurious rainfall showers, and stylish vanities - all accomplished through a tasteful mix of metal, stone, and wood components. The attention to detail (including Rituals soap!) in these private sanctuaries provided a spa-like experience, adding an extra touch of luxury to our stay.

Leibnitz and its Surrounding Vineyards

Leibnitz, a nearby town, beckoned us with its boutique stores and natural wonders. We spent blissful hours meandering through the charming shops, discovering unique crafts, local artwork, and delicious cafes. However, it was the vineyards that stole our hearts. We immersed ourselves in the region's winemaking heritage and hiking through the picturesque landscapes. The harmony of nature and viticulture provided an enchanting escape. To top it off, we savored an unbeatable fish dinner paired with a couple of exquisite local wines at Fischwirt im Urmeer, while enjoying the stunning view of vineyards stretching out before us - a truly unforgettable dining experience!

The Vibrant City of Graz Awaits

Our chalet's ideal location granted us easy access to the vibrant city of Graz. Stepping into Graz was like stepping back in time, with its captivating blend of history, culture, and modern amenities. We wandered through the old city streets, marveled at the beautifully preserved architecture, and stumbled upon hidden gems at every turn.

We wandered along the Mur River, marveled at the architecture of the Island in the Mur, and soaked in the city's vibrant atmosphere, stopping at a few charming cafes along the way. And of course, we were all blown away by our whimsical journey aboard the Fairytale Express train, winding its way under (yes, under!) the majestic Graz Clock Tower, immersing us in the colorful enchanting history and captivating tales of this charming city. Crazy how it was ~35°C outside and ~10°C deep in the caves - we actually appreciated having our blankets!

Our Gracious Host

Marie, our generous host, played an integral role in ensuring our stay was exceptional. She generously provided us with personalized recommendations for activities, restaurants, and hidden gems that allowed us to truly experience the essence of the area, and even surprised us with some locally crafted wines!


Our Airbnb stay at the secluded 3BR chalet in Heimschuh, Austria, was an extraordinary experience that ticked all the boxes for a perfect getaway. The beautifully renovated modern farmhouse style combined with functional design provided a comfortable and stylish haven. The proximity to Leibnitz allowed us to explore charming boutique stores and immerse ourselves in the region's winemaking culture through scenic vineyard hikes and tastings. Moreover, the chalet's convenient location near Graz opened the doors to a vibrant city brimming with history and culinary delights.

If you're seeking a serene retreat with access to charming towns and captivating cities, this home in Heimschuh is an ideal choice, offering a journey of relaxation, exploration, and unforgettable memories in the heart of Austria.


Wait, what, a discount?!

Our host was kind enough to allow us to an extend a discount to our community, so be sure to check out the deal here before you book!


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