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Public Transport around Berlin

Convenient, safe and inexpensive travel to the sights of Berlin

Use the well-developed network of S-Bahn and U-Bahn, buses and trams in order to get easily around town. I grew up in Berlin and it has always been a breeze to get from point A to point B... and it just got even better! The 49€ ticket started on May 1, 2023 and makes traveling through all of Germany accessible with a monthly subscription (49 EUR/month).

The benefits

✔ Unlimited travel for only 49€ per month

✔ Valid throughout Germany for all means of public transport

✔ Monthly cancellable

How it works

● Go to and create a personal account

● Go to and book your ticket

● Download the DB Navigator app on your phone and login (Apple App Store | Google Play)

● The DB Abo / Deutschland-Ticket is displayed in the app under “My Tickets”

Oberbaumbrücke / Warschauer Straße

The ticket is generated monthly and automatically made available to you as a mobile ticket on your phone, complete with QR code. So, if you wish to cancel, be sure to cancel the subscription in time! You can do this within the app, by selecting "Cancel Contract" from within the menu. This will take you to a separate cancellation form where you enter your personal information and select the "Deutschland-Ticket" subscription.

The 49€ ticket is valid throughout Germany for buses and trains in local and regional transport. For example: With a ticket purchased in Hamburg from the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund, regional trains in Bavaria or the underground in Berlin can also be used.



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