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Timeless Comfort: A Modern Haven in Quedlinburg's Historic District


Discover the allure of Quedlinburg's historic district, where cobblestone streets wind their way past centuries-old half-timber-framed houses. We had the good fortune to stay right in the middle of all of this enchantment, at the Redlinburg II Apartment at City Hall. In this blog post, we invite you to experience a taste of this beautiful birthplace of Germany (often dubbed its first capital), and to step inside an extraordinary home that seamlessly presents a contemporary flare in the middle of one of its oldest districts.

Our chosen stay in Quedlinburg had all the modern comforts of home

Modern Comforts, Historic Surroundings

Nestled within the historic district, our Airbnb stay was a modern masterpiece with all the comforts of home. From the moment we stepped inside, we were captivated by its tastefully curated interiors, where a harmonious blend of modern aesthetics creates an atmosphere of timeless luxury. Every modern comfort was thoughtfully integrated, ensuring a seamless and luxurious experience for guests. Not only was the apartment clean and modern, but it was also equipped with every possible kitchen appliance and utensil. Our hosts Stefan and Yvonne generously provided some snacks for our family, and left us numerous coffee, tea, and wine choices to make our home-cooked meals even that much more special.

Unbeatable Location and Local Exploration

The location of our Airbnb couldn’t have been better! It was located right in the heart of Quedlinburg's historic district, literally steps away from centuries’ old landmarks such as Quedlinburg’s Market Square and the historic Rathaus, which dates back to the early 1300’s. Just a few steps out the door, we found ourselves surrounded by architectural marvels, quaint cafes, and inviting boutiques. We literally walked for hours through its narrow streets, marveling at all the half-timbered buildings that seemingly had no straight lines anywhere! We were also pleasantly surprised that this UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old Town housed so many high-class restaurants and cafes such as Kyo Sushi Restaurant and Stiftsgarten GmbH Eis und Café - again, all within walking distance. So many options, we easily could have spent weeks discovering new experiences within just a few minutes’ walk of our vacation stay.

We stayed during the Königstage!

We were lucky enough to stay during the annual Königstage (King’s Days) Festival, where Market Square is transformed into a family-fun atmosphere of local food, games, dance acts, and live music. If you missed this one, don’t worry though - Quedlinburg has numerous vibrant festivals and celebrations throughout the year! One of the highlights is the Quedlinburg Christmas Market, which enchants guests every year with its festive atmosphere, twinkling lights, and stalls brimming with handicrafts and culinary delights. Other notable events include the Quedlinburg Castle Festival and the Quedlinburg Wine Festival, celebrating the region's finest wines. Any of these festivals would make for extra special memories on top of your visit, if you can work them into your vacation planning.


Experience the ultimate in luxury and refinement at the Redlinburg II Apartment at City Hall, where modern comfort harmonizes with the historic allure of Quedlinburg's captivating district. From the thoughtfully curated interiors to its absolutely perfect location, every aspect of this Airbnb home speaks to the discerning traveler. Immerse yourself in the town's rich history and indulge in the charm of its surroundings, all while reveling in the contemporary comforts of this remarkable retreat. Prepare for an unforgettable stay!

Wait, what, a discount?!

Our hosts were kind enough to allow us to an extend a discount to our community, so be sure to check out the deal here before you book!


Why an Airbnb, anyway?!

If you’d like to read more about why we love Airbnb’s so much, be sure to check out this post!



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